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Keith Weston

Keith Weston

Audio Guy

Hello. I’m Keith Weston. I’m originally from Winston-Salem, NC, but these days I call Carrboro, NC, home. When I’m not working at WUNC, I play online and sometimes even update this blog. I also enjoy working with folks to make their audio sound as clean and crisp as possible.

What I Can Do For You?

Cassette Photo Credit: kantver / DollarPhotoClub


Remove hiss. Make music more vibrant. Remove hums and background noise.


Remove scratches, clicks and pops. Restore vinyl luster.

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Make digital audio sparkle. Remove many artifacts. Bring out the hidden qualities buried in muddy sound.

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Update: In With The New

I was over at a big box store the other night and walked out with a couple of new black Hanes T-shirts.  Nothing fancy, sometimes you need to freshen up and update the wardrobe, right?  Too bad I didn’t see a new pair of blue sneakers: I could use a pair.

Speaking updates, the same holds true with the internets. It was time to update the old web site here and I went in search of a new Wordpress theme.  I found a splendid one that really lives up to its name: The Optimizer.

The theme comes with a ton of options, suggested presets and does a very nice job of extending Wordpress’s already existing goodies. It was fun to dive back into Wordpress and update this site that I’ve let grow a little long in the tooth.  To mix my metaphors even more, the site just needed a good Spring cleaning. So, out came the coding broom.

And The Updates Just Keep On Coming

Cassette Photo Credit: kantver / DollarPhotoClub

Audio cassette with tape tangle could use an audio update

Along with this “look and feel” update, I’ve rededicated myself to doing more audio projects in 2016. I get a big kick out of making sound sound better. I’ve been doing that for more than 30 years.

With that in mind, if you have an audio project that needs a helping hand, let me know! Maybe you have couple of old cassette tapes with a long departed relative’s voice, or something you recorded years ago where the audio was ruined by a buzz or other noise. Most time I can help and I’m happy to give you an honest evaluation and provide you a sample of my work on your project before you hire me.

So, come on, give your audio a fresh update. Let me help you make a sound investment in your audio memories.

21st Century Schizoid Man On Segways

This video found on Facebook speaks for itself: a band performs King Crimson’s “21st Century Schizoid Man” while cycling on Segways with funnels that belch smoke. I hear they also throw in Led Zeppelin’s “Kashmir” from time to time as well. Impressive.


The band is Le Snob and they’re from France. + Read More

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Allow me to help you restore your lost or damaged audio treasures.